Many men everywhere may find themselves turned off from wearing a kilt. This is not because they find them unattractive or unappealing, but because they are afraid of what the world around them might think if they are wearing a kilt. However, it has been widely speculated that people are attracted to men in kilts. It is a popular style of dress in many films and other forms of media and the fear that men have over women especially finding them unattractive in kilts is largely unfounded. Here are a few reasons why you should pick up that kilt you’ve been eyeing at an online store today and wear it unashamedly.


Profound Comfort


Men everywhere who indulge in the wearing of kilts are known to feel freer. This is because a kilt is a piece of fabric wrapped around the middle of your body, and much like a skirt, has an open, airy bottom that allows incredible freedom of movement. This is actually one of the many original reasons that kilts were designed and worn when they originated. Hot days are made more bearable because you are more comfortable and have more breathing room, so to speak.



Incredible Style Choices


Kilts come in a large variety of fabrics, colors, and tartan patterning. Today, there are up to 7,000 types of tartan patterns available for you to choose from with nearly every color combination that you could imagine to choose from. What’s more, there are around 150 tartan patterns being added annually, so that you could wear a different kilt every day of your life and perhaps never wear the same one twice.

Not only is there such variety in the tartan choices you have to pick from, but there are a number of accessories to be worn with a kilt, as well. You do not even have to be in full dress in order to wear them. Accessorizing is simple. Tassels, belts, badges, and hose are just the beginning. Utility kilts are also in existence, and those include kilts that have pockets and storage areas to make wearing a kilt even more convenient.





If you are Scottish, nothing shows the pride of your motherland quite like the wearing of a kilt. You can opt to wear the tartan of your originating clan, family, or region. Even if you choose not to show where exactly you hail from with your tartan choices, you can still show off your Scottish pride simply by donning a kilt.

There are many reasons in this day and age why men should be wearing a kilt instead of being afraid of them. Fashionable, culturally significant, diverse and unique, kilts are an attractive display of confidence and style in a way that leaves you feeling more comfortable than you ever have before. If you are nervous or afraid of wearing a kilt, find one in your favorite tartan pattern and slip it on; actually wearing one for the first time will squash that fear and make all of the difference in the world.