Kilts are making a huge comeback. More and more men are choosing to wear kilts for Celtic weddings, and the growing popularity of Celtic festivals and Scottish Highland Games has made kilts incredibly popular. Men are also wearing kilts to concerts like Burning Man and other festivals because they’re cool and unique. With the demand for kilts on the rise, many costumers are now renting out kilts for a day or more.

At first glance, the idea of renting a kilt may seem appealing. After all, you may wear a kilt just once, and what will you do with it afterward? The truth is, though, that in most cases, it’s better to purchase a kilt than to rent one. Here are just some of the reasons why buying is best:

You Really Don’t Save Any Money?

When you purchase an affordable kilt from the right online shop, you’ll typically spend somewhere between $40 and $100. Kilt rental rates are usually somewhere between $75 and $100 for a one-day event. If you need the kilt for longer, be prepared to pay even more.

You May Not Get a Kilt That Fits

Rental kilts are already made and come in set sizes. That may or may not be the right fit for you. With a made to measure kilt that you purchase, you’re guaranteed that the kilt will look stylish and finely tailored in your wedding photos or that it won’t slip down or fit too tightly during the Scottish games.

You Can Reuse It

If you’re considering wearing a kilt to a Scottish games or festival, you’re likely to decide to do it again in the future, and having a kilt in your closet means you won’t have to pay to rent again. Scottish gents who purchase kilts for weddings often find that they end up wearing their Tartans again in the future. Once friends and family see how handsome the wedding party looks in their kilts, you’re sure to start a trend and end up at more Scottish weddings in the future.

You Won’t Have Guarantees About the Quality

With a rental, you won’t receive the kilt until close to your event. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the garment, you likely won’t be able to do anything about it because you won’t have enough time to send it back and have a new one sent. When you purchase a kilt, you’re free to order at your leisure well before the event. This way, you can send it back if the kilt isn’t just what you’re looking for. Of course, you won’t reap any of the above benefits of buying a kilt if you don’t choose the right one.

The Scottish Kilt Shop is the best place to shop for kilts for any occasion. Our prices are every bit as affordable as rental rates, and we can have your kilt shipped in just 2 to 3 weeks. Every kilt is made to measure, so you’re assured a perfect fit.