County Monaghan Tartan

The motto of Monaghan county is Duthracht agus Dicheall meaning Diligence and best endeavour. Monaghan is essential for the Border Region in the area of Ulster. Preceding the fourth century the district was supposed to be occupied by the Manaigh or Monaigh. Monaghan was important for the antiquated domain of Airgialla (Oriel), held by Ui Cremthainne septs and the Clan Colla (for example O'Carroll) from the fourth to the twelfth century.
In 1585, the English master representative of Ireland, Sir John Perrot, visited the region and met the Irish clan leaders. They mentioned that Ulster be isolated into provinces and land in the realm of Airgíalla be distributed to every one of the MacMahon bosses. Thus the region of Monaghan appeared. The area was partitioned into five baronies: Farney, Cremorne, Dartrey, Monaghan and Truagh, which was left heavily influenced by the McKenna tribal leaders. After the loss of the resistance of Hugh O'Neill and Ulster clan leaders in 1603, the area was not established like different provinces of Ulster. The terrains were rather left in the possession of the local tribal leaders. In the Irish Rebellion of 1641 the McMahons and their partners joined the overall disobedience of Irish Catholics. Following their loss, some ranches of the region occurred with Scottish and English families.
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