Nisbet Tartan

The Nisbet surname comes from the barony and lands near Edrom in Berwickshire, likely named after a nose-shaped hill or bend. Alexander Nisbet was a renowned authority on Scottish heraldry and established his connection to the chiefly line of the clan. The lands of Nesbit were donated to the monks of Dunfermline during the reign of King Edgar, son of Malcolm Canmore. William de Nesbite and Thomas Nisbet held important positions, while Philip, Alexander's descendant, was a royalist devoted to Charles I and was executed in Glasgow during the Scottish Civil Wars. The clan motto is "I Byd It" (I endure) and the crest features a boar passant Sable, armed Argent, langued Gules. The Nisbet name is now best known in genealogical circles through Alexander Nisbet's work, particularly his 'System of Heraldry.' The historic seat is Nisbet House, and the clan chief is Mark Nesbitt of that Ilk. The region is Berwickshire.
The Nisbet Tartan features a predominantly red base with black, white, and green accents. The design consists of thin, vertical lines and squares, creating a repeating pattern across the fabric. The tartan is a modern design and was created in the 1970s by the Scottish Tartans Society. It is registered as "Nisbet Modern" with the Scottish Register of Tartans. The colors were chosen to represent the natural landscape of Berwickshire, the traditional homeland of the Nisbet clan.
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